Why you should Never Waste $5 on 1,000 Followers Again

By Lewis Crutch | On 16 Mar, 2016 | 2mins Reading Time

I’m a huge fan of Fiverr. Need a quick logo, then get it created for $5. Want someone to transcribe your podcast, then get it done for $5. Looking for 1000 new followers on Twitter, then pay $5… Or not! 

I will give you 500 real active tweeting, Twitter followers no password needed, all I need is your Twitter username, followers are 100% REAL people.

This, directly taken from Fiverr, sounds like a great deal. After all, instead of spending hours and hours nurturing your Twitter account, posting engaging content and reaching out to new people, you can just pay $5 to receive the same level of followers? If only!

It comes down to one thing and one thing only. Do you want quantity or quality?

Numbers aren’t the be all and end all

Admittedly, showing off the fact that you have 127,562 followers is pretty cool. It makes you seem popular. You appear influential. It might even encourage a few real people to follow you. The problem is that your follower count is a pretty pointless metric when it comes to how successfully you are using Twitter as a marketing platform.

It would be like looking at an ad campaign and only considering impressions.

When it comes to Twitter you need to consider so much more. How many retweets, likes and replies are your tweets receiving? How many lists have you been added to? How much traffic is actually be generated from Twitter to your website? And sales? And leads?

Low Quality Leads to Low Engagement

That brings us nicely onto engagement. Engagement is possibly the most important factor to consider when looking at the effectiveness of your Twitter marketing efforts. If you have zero engagement then you’ll probably receive zero visits, leads or sales.

Neil Patel shared a range of ways you can increase your Twitter engagement by 324% so, if after applying some of these changes  you see little to no increase in your engagement, then you know it’s your followers that are likely to be of a low quality.

Barack Obama

Fake Followers and your Reputation

Perhaps your reputation (or at least public image) isn’t quite as big as Barack Obama or Mitt Romney but that doesn’t mean having a huge percentage of fake followers won’t affect your reputation in the long run. Mitt Romney, back in 2012, saw a huge spike in his Twitter following with many claiming this was due to the Romney campaign buying followers. True or not, every article covering this story looked at fake followers as a wholly negative thing.

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So what’s the Solution?

Perhaps it’s a little self-indulgent to say this, but Twoostly is the solution. We’ve built Twoostly as an affordable way to build up a high quality, relevant following on Twitter without using up precious hours of your day. However, feel free to share your own experiences with buying followers below:

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