Twitter Jumps on the Message Button Bandwagon

By Lewis Crutch | On 30 Aug, 2016 | 2mins Reading Time

With social media being one of the top ways for businesses and customers to stay in contact, it’s not surprising that Twitter is keen to get involved in the game by integrating its direct message functions into commercial websites, with an embeddable button which can be placed on a website.

Twitter isn’t the first social media avenue to offer itself as a means for customers and businesses to stay in contact. In April, Facebook began offering businesses a link which allowed them to use its Facebook Messenger system to make contact with their customers. This link could be used as a clickable button on the company website, an advertisement, or indeed anywhere the company had an online presence, allowing a user to send them a message via Facebook Messenger without having to log into Facebook and find the company page. Essentially, they’re cutting out the middle man by removing the need for a user to look for the company’s social media account, and making themselves more accessible.

Facebook has done their best to keep businesses involved with their customers, by including a very obvious button allowing a customer to message a company at the top of the business’ Facebook page.

Four months on from Facebook’s messaging for businesses introduction, and Twitter has jumped on the bandwagon, offering businesses the chance to use Twitter’s direct messaging system in a similar way, from wherever the business places the direct messaging link. Business owners will have the option to make incoming messages as customised as they like, with options like pre-filled text and language selection.

Twitter’s new button joins those already on offer from the social media favourite, including functions for sharing, hashtags, mentions and following, designed to make Twitter much easier to get involved with.

This move continues Twitter’s moves to encourage customers to make contact with companies via direct, private messaging, rather than publically tweeting them. This is perhaps in response to the fact that a business’ Twitter feed can become cluttered with angry tweets from less than satisfied customers, allowing complaints and gripes to be dealt with discretely and out of the watching public eye.

Some of the early take ups of this new function include big industry names such as Uber, Apple, Beats, and Activision, but with the function being advertised widely on August 24th, more companies are sure to join these household names in using Twitter to make contact with the customer.

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