Tutorial: How to get the Most out of your Keywords

By Lewis Crutch | On 02 Sep, 2016 | 3mins Reading Time

Choosing keywords for your Twoostly account shouldn’t simply involve throwing up a few generic, niche related one-word keywords. Instead, if you spend a little time putting together your keywords, you can create highly targeted keyword searches.

Limit to a Certain Type of Content with “Filter:xxxxxx”

You can replace the xxxxxx with any of the following:

“Links” – This will limit the tweets to only those that contain links.

“News” – This will ensure the tweets are all newsworthy.

“Safe” – This will ensure anything containing sensitive material is filtered out.

“Images” – Pretty obvious, images only.

“Media” – This is like images but will include any type of media including videos.

“Vine” – Another obvious one which limits tweets to only those containing a vine.

As you can see, there are certainly a lot of ways you can begin to filter your keywords quite simply.

Limit to a Language with “lang:en”

By adding “lang:en” to the end of your keyword, you will limit all interactions to tweets in English. Of course, this doesn’t have to be limited to English. You can use “lang:ar” to search for tweets in Arabic, “lang:fr” for tweets in French and “lang:hu” for Hungarian.

In fact, you can use any ISO 639-1 language codes in your keyword search (yeah, I didn’t know what that meant either until I did a quick Google).

Limit to a Location with “near:London within: 25km”

This is fairly straight-forward. Enter near, followed by a location, then within, followed by a distance in km or mi. Please be aware that the location search on Twitter is fairly limited and relies on people allowing Twitter to record their location so will limit results. If you’re still a little confused, here are a few examples:

“near:”England, United Kingdom” within:10mi”

“near:”New York, NY” within:15mi”

“near:”Bengaluru South, India” within:20km”

Exclude Mentions with “exclude:replies”

This is a simple one, if you don’t want to interact with any tweets that mention other users then simply add “exclude:replies” to the end of your keywords.

Exclude Links with “exclude:links”

Like excluding mentions, excluding links is also straight-forward. All you need to do is add “exclude:links” to the end of your keywords.

Require Likes or Retweets with “min_faves:5” and “min_retweets:10”

These are great if you’re looking to only interact with tweets which have already gained some attention. When entering either “min_faves” or “min_retweets” you are required to include a keyword for the search to work.

Some Keyword Examples

Below are a few examples of how to combine these search parameters into lengthy search terms to use in Twoostly:

Example 1: #BufferChat + exclude:links” near:”London” within:50km

This will search for people from within 50km of London who have got involved in the regular Buffer Chat event but did not share a link when they tweeted.

Example 2: “Knitting is *” :) + exclude:mentions

This will search for people who have tweeted a positive opinion of knitting where they have finished the sentence “Knitting is…” but will exclude any tweets that contain other usernames.

Example 3: #EPL + filter:news 

This will search for tweets sharing news with the hashtag #EPL for the English Premier League.

Example 4: “Ferrari 458” + min_faves:5 + exclude:replies + lang:en

This will search for people who have tweeted about the Ferrari 458 in English. Those tweets will not include any other Twitter usernames and will have at least 5 likes already.

Example 5: #Vegan + near:”Glasgow, Scotland” within:25km + filter:images + min_faves:5

Now things are getting complicated! This would search for people tweeting images with the hashtag #Vegan, that have at least 5 likes and were sent within 25km of the Scottish city of Glasgow.

Extreme Example 6: #socialmedia + lang:en + near:”Canada” within:15mi  + filter:news + filter:safe + exclude:replies + min_retweets:1

You should be able to work this out by now?

Still Struggling? Don’t panic! We’re here to help and want to help. When logged into your Twoostly account, use the live chat in the bottom right of the page and we’ll come up with some keyword ideas for you tailored to your Twitter account.

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