The Story of Twoostly So Far: From Concept to Beta

By Lewis Crutch | On 29 Jun, 2016 | 4mins Reading Time

It feels like years since we started on our journey to bring Twoostly to the market, although in reality it has only been a few months, and we’re certainly not there yet. But I thought now, as we approach the private beta launch, was a good time to cover the journey of Twoostly so far.

The Concept

You may or may not know both Darren and I, the Twoostly co-founders, own TweetPilot another Twitter marketing tool. It’s TweetPilot which has lead to the creation of Twoostly.

TweetPilot works great, and it’s a great way to take control of your Twitter audience. The problem is it takes time, a lot of time, time that many businesses and marketers simply don’t have and it’s a common complaint from users of TweetPilot. They like what is does, just not the time it takes to do it.

This is where the story of Twoostly begins. Twoostly does a lot of what TweetPilot can do, without actually needing to spend time doing it. It can be setup in 5-10 minutes, we’ll even help get it setup for you, and then left to run while you focus on marketing to your consistently growing Twitter following.

The Development

As with any development, it has been far from plain sailing.

As a user looking at the frontend of the app Twoostly probably does seem pretty simple. But there’s a lot of stuff hidden away to keep it running, hopefully, like clockwork.

We’ve spent the majority of the development process working on our backend algorithm which ensures we never spam Twitter and allows us to grow your Twitter account in the most natural way possible.

Many tools on the market currently focus on hitting a set number of tasks a day (“we’ll like 100 tweets per day” etc) but this is not how we wanted Twoostly to work. Instead, we wanted to ensure tasks were completed in the same way any human user would complete the tasks on Twitter. This means one day we might complete 27 tasks, the next could be 52, followed by 140 the day after and so on. It’s this human-esque algorithm which has taken up the majority of the development time and caused us far too many headaches.

Besides the algorithm, the development hasn’t been too painful. Yes, the odd bug has managed to find its way into the app, a few areas needed tweaking, but we finally have an app that is (almost) ready to be released to the private beta list.

Dealing with Automation and Twitter’s TOS

Our algorithm brings us neatly onto automation. Automation is frowned upon by Twitter in some cases and completely against their TOS in others which is why we complete each and every task manually. We do, however, use automation to find the tweets that are liked and the users who are followed. Part of our algorithm analyses the influence of a user on Twitter before deciding whether to follow them, like one of their tweets or both.

We understand how valuable a Twitter account is to any user so, with Twoostly, we wanted to ensure every Twitter account connected to our app was in safe hands with no risk of suspension which is the case with any tool that automates tasks through the Twitter API.

The Beta

“If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late.” – Reid Hoffman, Founder of LinkedIn.

It’s a quote that does the rounds in the startup community but one, in some ways, we’ve chosen to ignore which is why there’s a slight delay with the beta launch of Twoostly. The original plan was to launch just in time for July but it’s looking more likely that we’ll be opening Twoostly for beta testers towards the middle of July.

We’ve found several bugs in the platform which we can fix before opening the beta. I’ve never understood why we should/would launch a beta version of our app which we already know is broken. So we’re going to get these bugs ironed out, run a few tests, and then open the doors.

The Future?

Naturally, we’d like to become a highly recommended Twitter growth hacking tool that’s mentioned across the internet, raved about on the likes of Product Hunt and Growth Hackers, with a consistently growing user base. But now is not the time to get ahead of ourselves.

I will, however, be publishing regular open and honest blog posts about Twoostly as a business and how we’re progressing over the coming weeks, months and years. I’d love to hear from everyone and anyone who has a question about Twoostly and whether reading about the ins and outs of Twoostly is something you’re interested in so if you get a chance, drop a comment at the end of the page:

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