Twitter and Vine Extend their Time Limit

By Lewis Crutch | On 27 Jun, 2016 | 2mins Reading Time

Q: What do make-up tutorials, lip syncing celebrities, brothers with bitten fingers and singing goats all have in common?

A: They’re all the subject of world famous videos on the internet.

Social media is packed full with videos that have all been created with one sole purpose in mind – to engage with an online audience. They make us think, laugh, cry, and, when done really well, they can also make us want to buy things.

Anyone who wants to get noticed knows that they’ll need a great social media presence, but communicating online has stepped up a notch over recent years. It’s now no longer good enough to write a few Facebook and Twitter posts every couple of days. Today’s consumers expect the businesses they buy from and the creatives they’re interested in to engage with them in new, exciting ways – and videos are really taking social media marketing by storm.

According to Cisco, videos are predicted to account for 79% of internet traffic by 2017, and video tweets have doubled since just April this year. Those that manage to go viral have a huge impact on consumer engagement – one of Volkswagen’s video campaigns was viewed an incredible 155,000,000 times and video makers like Logan Paul, Amanda Cerny, King Bach and Lele Pons have become internet sensations.

Clearly, a great video can be a wonderful marketing tool, but many budding creatives have been frustrated with Vine’s time restrictions; in at first six, then thirty, seconds only the highly skilled could create videos that engaged with audiences in a meaningful way. The good news is that Twitter and Vine have now extended their time limit to 140 (Twitter’s magic number) seconds, leaving us with much more room to play with. Six second videos will still exist but they’ll now act as trailers for longer versions which can be up to 2 minutes 20 seconds long.

This development doesn’t just make it easy to remember how long your videos should be and stay focused, it will now become simpler to create a video that will really mean something to your audience. It will also bring far more room for creativity along with the opportunity to play with different techniques and bring an element of storytelling into the proceedings.

But it isn’t just about longer videos. Vine is also giving companies and creatives more opportunities to make money through Amplify Open. This Twitter programme has been specifically designed to give publishers the opportunity to monetize their video content and reach a wider audience. Similar to the suggested video posts on Facebook, there will now be a vertical list displayed on Twitter that will give audiences the opportunity to check out other similar vines- opening up a whole new world of opportunities for video makers to get noticed.

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