How Kim Kardashian Keeps her Followers Engaged

By Darren Moore | On 07 Jul, 2016 | 3mins Reading Time

The rise of the Kardashian clan has gone hand in hand with the increased use of social media over the past decade or so. At the very centre of the family’s journey to prominence has been Kim Kardashian, who came to the fore as a friend of the socialite Paris Hilton, before the hit TV show ‘At Home with the Kardashians’ catapulted her into super stardom.

Consider then, that the woman who gave Kardashian a route to fame currently has in the region of 12 million followers on Twitter, while Kardashian herself boats a stunning 46.3 million. What is it that has made Kim Kardashian the ‘Twitter Queen’? What keeps her followers engaged, and thousands more joining every week? We take a close look at how social media royalty works.

Kim Loves a Snap

Kardashian, like most of her fellow family members, is certainly not shy when it comes to the camera, and for this reason maybe it is not surprising that a large share of her Twitter posts are photos – photos of herself, her friends, her location and other images relating to the empire of ventures she has gone into, such as film and fashion. It is well known that imagery and video are known to attract a very high percentage of hits, likes and shares, and whether Kardashian realises this or not, she regularly hits the nail on the head.

Arond 10,000 likes and over 2,000 retweets says it all!

It is hard to know whether much of Kardashian’s social media strategy is carefully planned, or if she just has a natural talent for the platform. Either way, she regularly exhibits some of the best social media practices that would be endorsed fully by many of the self-proclaimed ‘social media gurus’ that big business pay the big bucks to.

Kim is a Pro at Forging Relationships

Kardashian has a very good awareness of who her allies are on Twitter, and together, they form a formidable force. From Kanye West to many of the product lines she is aligned with, Kardashian might not realise it, but the friends and business partners she retweets and gives prominence to will in turn repay the favour, with the effect of increased engagement across the board. She is able to give her 40 million+ followers an insight into the lives of other high profile names rather than just her own, keeping her timeline varied and interesting.

If there is a central ‘strategy’ to Kardashian’s Twitter use, it would seem to be the recognition that the ingredients which work are the same that made ‘At Home with the Kardashians’ such a hit – mix a lot of everyday life with a liberal sprinkling of the bizarre, the outrageous, the super cool, and as we all know – sex sells! That’s why it surely does not harm her follower count at all when Kardashian posts photos of herself in various revealing outfits.

Brands want Kim to be Associated with them

Kardashian has become what is often labelled a ‘taste maker’ – someone who sets trends, sets the agenda, and from whom one simple post can be worth a lot of money to the person, venue, or business being endorsed. This is demonstrated by the fact she was reportedly paid £225,000 to celebrate New Year’s Eve at one Los Angeles night spot, while a Montreal venue is rumoured to have stumped up £150,000 for the privilege of hosting her birthday party. The reason? Simply the prized marketing value of the tweets that Kardashian would send out while enjoying herself at the venue – and her followers lap it all up.

Twitter is also the central online channel for Kardashian’s followers to keep updated with her range of other social media accounts, including Snapchat and Instagram. Crucially, she displays a good sense of humour at all times and rather than forcing her content down her followers’ throats, she has the ability to realise the fickleness of social media as a platform.

We end with this series of tweets from Kardashian, which really sum it all up:

Whether you love or hate what the Kardashians are all about, there’s no denying that Kim, both as a person and a brand, have nailed Twitter and at Twoostly, we can only respect that.

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