How Jeff Bullas is Proof You can Tweet More Than You Think

By Darren Moore | On 10 Sep, 2016 | 3mins Reading Time

A blogger once asked the question ‘is Jeff Bullas a bot?’, such is the relentless pace with which his Twitter account fires out posts into the Twittersphere.

Bullas has mastered the art of using Tweetdeck to send automated tweets throughout the day from his select list of followed social media gurus and news platforms. This has the effect of making the Bullas Twitter timeline a virtual news feed for social media advice and online content strategy. With over 490,000 followers and credits in publications including the New York Times and Forbes magazine, it’s clear that Bullas’s plan has worked, so what can us mere mortals take from his success on Twitter, and in particular Tweetdeck?

Lock onto Search Terms

Whatever your area of interest, be it work-related or a hobby, Tweetdeck allows you to target certain search terms that are relevant to you. You will have your own column dedicated to them – it could be a hashtag or key phrase, but you should choose something that represents your niche, rather than a term so general it is likely to be tweeted hundreds of times a day. Search term columns allow you to get to the content you want more quickly, and share what you like. You can also monitor the number of retweets and replies in order to gauge the popularity of the tweets containing those search terms.

Run a Tight Schedule

Bullas, and expert tweeters like him, have perfected the scheduling of their tweets via Tweetdeck, allowing them to push out a steady and consistent flow of content throughout the day, and sometimes into the night, to engage their followers. Rather than taking the pattern of a normal Twitter user, who might tweet in clusters when they have the free time, Bullas shows that if you space your tweets evenly, you can become a more constant presence in users’ timelines and avoid the scenario of swamping them with content. Through Tweetdeck, he can spend a set amount of time each day planning his tweets and retweets for the following day, ensuring a desirable spread of content throughout. This won’t stop him from sending impromptu or reactionary tweets, in addition to those that are scheduled.

Choose a Pin Up

As many Twitter users have found out, you can pin the tweet of your choice to the top of your timeline. This means that, whenever users view your profile, they will view the tweet you want them to see first. For companies, this could be a particular product or service, for casual users, it might be a tweet they really liked. For Bullas, it’s an e-book he is affiliated with on how to become a successful freelancer. By placing it at the top of his timeline, he makes sure any visitors are able to see it straight away.

Mentions with the @ Symbol

We are sure that Bullas, like most of us that are anything like well known enough, are interested to see when he has been mentioned on Twitter – if only so he can retweet the good stuff! Whether you are a company or an individual, Tweetdeck allows you to set up a column which shows each time you are mentioned. What’s so good about this? It doesn’t rely on the notification system that uses your actual Twitter handle, complete with an @ symbol, as an identifier, so any time you are being referred to on Twitter, you have a way of finding out.

Collections and Lists

If you’ve tweeted over 265,000 times, like Bullas, you might want a way of organising those tweets, so if you ever have to find one for future reference, you have a way to realistically do it. The collections and lists feature on Tweetdeck allows you to categorise and archive tweets in the manner of your choosing, so you can always revisit them at a later date. For someone as prolific as Bullas, it might be a collection of tweets which received over 50 retweets and likes, or categorisation according to the different strands of online marketing.

Most of us don’t have the Twitter presence of Jeff Bullas, and never will. But we can certainly learn some useful tips from his Twitter ‘machine’, which never seems to take a day off!

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