Bloody Twitter! An API Suspension During Beta

By Lewis Crutch | On 20 Jul, 2016 | 2mins Reading Time

When we started working on Twoostly, we always said we would be completely honest and open about what’s going on, how we’re growing the user numbers, what features we’re working on and so on. It’s something I like to read about so thought others might too.

Unfortunately, our first ‘open‘ blog post about the progress (or lack of) we’re making at Twoostly isn’t about the positive steps we’re taking or the ever expanding user base. Instead, it’s about Twitter and the suspension to their API.

As you can see, in the screenshot at the top of this post, in a scary red box, we are now “restricted from performing write actions” which deems Twoostly pretty much useless as far as a tool for you.

So Why did this Happen?

Twitter, understandably, doesn’t want people to use their API to create automated tools which could be used to spam Twitter. That makes perfect sense.

The problem is, some apps, from their end, look as if they’re automated. This is where Twoostly gets affected. Nothing we do is automated. Nor is anything completed in bulk. Instead, every single action is manually completed by a human. Not by a robot. But by a living, human, being.

However, as far as Twitter is concerned, they can just see our application and our API access being used to complete a lot of tasks in a fairly short space of time which, without knowing any better, looks like automation.

So What’s Next?

We wait. Probably for some time. Unfortunately, Twitter give no indication as to how long they take to reply to suspension appeals so we could be pleasantly surprised, receive a reply later today and be running back to normal.

Chances are slim, however. 

So instead, we’re going to remain as optimistic as possible that we will be up and running by next week sometime.

What this Means for you

First of all, a few users have received security warnings about Twoostly from Twitter. I can confirm that your account is safe. We believe it just a generic warning they send out to people who have connected to a newly suspended application. If you’d feel better for it, then revoke access to Twoostly on Twitter and keep an eye out for our email in the not too distant future when you can re-register.

You can still add keywords but you won’t see any followers just yet. By adding keywords, however, we can begin to discover people to follow and tweets to like in preparing for the suspension being lifted.

I guess this is what beta testing is all about, unfortunately. We knew we’d hit a few bumps along the way, it would be naive to think otherwise, but this bump is far bigger than any we had anticipated but we’ll do our best to get through it.

Any questions, as always, just drop them below and we’ll reply as soon as possible.

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