8 Effective Ways to Use Emojis in your Twitter Marketing

By Darren Moore | On 05 Aug, 2016 | 3mins Reading Time

Emojis are now a part of our everyday life. Whether it’s in text messages, WhatsApp, our posts on Facebook, direct messages on Twitter or even email; emojis make sure that our messages come across how we intend them.

There are many ways in which emojis can be used for marketing on Twitter, and they should be seen as an accessory or tool kit to accentuate the emotion in your tweets. Here are a selection of emojis and advice on how they might be used:

1. The Smile ?

The smile can have a number of purposes. Primarily, it expresses happiness and optimism, and if you are a company that is determined to keep up an amenable face, chances are you will be using the smile quite a lot. It can also be used as a softener, especially in the case when a company tweeter might be dealing with a difficult question from a customer, or in B2B circles with a fellow tweeter that is dead set on having a Twitter argument. Including a smile at the end of your posts is a way to ensure they remain polite and cheerful in the face of provocation.

2. The Grin ?

When you are really happy, excited or satisfied, let it show in your marketing. The grin is a great way to do this, and has more weight behind it than the standard smiley. Think positive customer feedback, successful events or upcoming product launches – they are all exciting developments for a company or organisation, so let it show with a grin.

3. The Shocked Face ?

Seen some surprising news you can’t believe and want to share it with your followers? The shocked face allows you to convey that surprise – good or bad. To operate a Twitter account for marketing purposes your account should be active, and this means taking notice of the tweets of others, including key influencers in your sector, or well known figures aligned with your brand. You can react to their remarkable tweets by using the shocked face and sharing the tweet with your followers.

4. The Unhappy Face ?

An unhappy face doesn’t necessarily have to be used when you are desperately sad. It has a marketing function which, like the smiley, goes beyond its outward appearance. Is a team member or client leaving on a trip overseas? Has the coffee machine run out of beans? Or maybe your favourite TV series has just ended? The unhappy face shows mild dissatisfaction, while not too angry or frustrated, as this isn’t wise in marketing terms.

5. The Wink ?

The wink is playful, suggestive and open to interpretation. So why not make it a powerful implement in your marketing toolkit? Just right for a joke, perhaps a risqué comment or sharing a moment with each other, a wink is capable of adding interest to a tweet for those reading it, and while it should be used sparingly, can make a difference.

6. The Kiss ?

Want to send some love to someone you know or a valued contact, or perhaps to someone you don’t? The kiss is the messenger of love; something we should always spread around liberally, not least in our marketing campaigns. It also has a comical element when used in the right context, but, like the wink, it should be used sparingly to avoid it losing impact.

7. The Tongue ?

If you are a social media operator who believes in marketing which doesn’t take itself too seriously, an emoji with the tongue sticking out might quite often be your smiley of choice. You might want to use it to convey a naughty joke, or perhaps you slipped up and made a faux pas and wish to laugh at yourself. Remember, Twitter accounts that have the ability to laugh at themselves are relatively rare in a world of branding that can take itself too seriously, so stick that tongue out whenever you want to make light of something.

8. The Sunglasses ?

Relaxing, not taking things seriously, or just out in the sun somewhere? The sunglasses emoji has a number of connotations that marketers can use to their advantage. If you represent a brand that is ‘cool’, or is doing its best to try and project a cool image, then sunglasses could be the emoji of choice for you.

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